Why Pipe Chocks Are Amazing


Pipe chocks have a significant role to play in safeguarding pipes and securing investments for a multitude of companies out there. They ensure that valuable commodities arrive where they are needed whole and intact. Continue reading Why Pipe Chocks Are Amazing


How To Use Plastic Thread Protectors

How To Use Plastic Thread Protectors

Thread protectors are essentially disposable thread devices designed to be used with the threads on drill string components, casing and other types of pipes. A thread protector can be electrically or manually fitted to a pipe. Continue reading How To Use Plastic Thread Protectors

Oil Country Tubular Goods: All In The Family


When people think about oil country tubular goods, they form a picture in their minds of a truck load of pipes sitting next to a drill rig. While this is correct to an extent, oil country tubular goods are more of a family of products than a solitary type of pipe stock, as most casual observers suppose.

There are of course three distinct sub-groupings of oil country tubular goods that comprise the full gamut of products. The one that people are most familiar with is the drill pipe itself. Yet even this solid piece of goods comes in a number of different permutations, depending on the type of drilling being done. Different types of pipe are needed for ultra-deep or horizontal drilling, which require different metallurgical properties to meet their specific job demands. Continue reading Oil Country Tubular Goods: All In The Family

Why Do Companies Rely On Oil Country Tubular Goods?


Oil remains one of the world’s leading sources of energy, with countless barrels consumed every day. Its extraction is still a highly profitable endeavor; but companies that wish to do so need to build a good infrastructure to get the job done. It’s a highly sensitive and technical task that demands quality in every aspect. That’s why drilling operations, whether inland or offshore, rely only on proven oil country tubular goods. Continue reading Why Do Companies Rely On Oil Country Tubular Goods?